90 Days out

When I started planning my going away party I knew I wanted to invite as many people as I possibly could. I wanted fill my house with all the people that I have known and who have made my life a wondrous and happy one (and those that were there with me when things weren’t). With my going away party, like every other party in existence, not everyone could make it, some, especially those who are out of the country, I know wouldn’t come. But regardless I invited them anyway, not to guilt them, just to let them know that they matter to me. Some of these people I haven’t spoken to in years, though, I may stalk a few Instagram accounts, I don’t think that qualifies as talking ;).

What’s been an unexpected joy is that many of these people have messaged me, and some have written A LOT! And it’s wonderful. In a time where everything feels so up in the air, people I love are coming back into my life and sharing with me. My best friend in Elementary school up through middle school (at least) wrote me and it felt like we were sitting down having a coffee, without the 2,000 miles between us and 2 time zones.

Ever since I got down to 90 days before I left I have begun to notice everything. I was moved to let myself feel everything, and to take in all that that moment had to offer. Life is so different when, at work, you become thankful for the little things. I became thankful that my workplace has central heat, the toilets are inside, there is soap in the dispensers. Truly, I have never had a better work life than the last few weeks of my job. Things I used to gripe about dissolved as I realized, even if the printer on one particular floor of the hospital (y’all know which one) is always messing up, at least we have a printer! and it does print most of the time. I’ve also noticed a difference with the people I spend time with. More and more I have been taking time to be with the people who have been there for me through a lot. I’d rather spend my last few weeks here with my aunt at a sandwich shop than out at a bar because she’s ridiculously funny and I like my mornings and alcohol makes me super lazy the next day no matter how much I have. And when I do go to a bar, I like to go there with people who mean something to me. I like to talk with the bar tender, get to know them a little and discover more about this wonderful little piece of my world that I am about to leave behind.

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