Reflections one month out

This is a really weird time for me. One moment I am internally jumping for joy that I’m so close to becoming a Peace Corps volunteer, and the next all I wan to do is curl up in a ball because I’m going to miss my friends and family here in Tennessee. I’m normally a decently balanced person, but when you are about to fly 5,000 or so miles to a new country for 27 months you can’t help but make some waves. The only other time I’ve felt so in limbo was when I was graduating College and I had no idea what the future was going to bring.

So much is changing so quickly it’s hard for me to process. I just worked my last day at work today. I have worked at only one hospital since I graduated nursing school. I changed departments a few times finding a better fit each time, but I enjoyed working for a Company that has given me so many opportunities to grow. I became a real nurse there. I came to the realization that patient education is my favorite part of nursing.  Without Fort Sanders I would not have taken the leap so soon to be a Peace Corps volunteer. Along with leaving my job I have to begin letting go of my surplus belongings, most notably, my sweet lovely straight shift Scion. Not to mention I have a going away party to plan, a Valentines day present to procure for my ridiculously understanding boyfriend, and to cram as much quality friend time in as humanly possible before I jump on a plane to meet my future. All of this is what I want, and it doesn’t make it any easier to let go of a life I was just getting used to.

This time is also filled with extreme excitement. Only 4 weeks until I get to start my new life, 4 weeks until I get to meet Albania Group 20 (G20) in Miami! Only 4 more weeks left to ask all the questions I can think of in the Facebook group for Albania (Thank you current volunteers for being there for us in our time of quiet freak out). 4 weeks until all of my work, countless surveys, essays, and interviews become a new, wonderful, ridiculously different job!

More than anything else I hold in my mind all of the small sparks of excitement I experience as the staging date draws nearer.

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